Privacy Notice

In accordance with the requirements of Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties, and recognizing the informative right of personal data auto determination, following we inform you the content of our Privacy Notice. Since the moment that you provide or make available to us any personal information, you are giving us, Fundación Delia Morán, A. C. (FDM) with address in San Gabriel No. 679-4, Campo Polo Chapalita, Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, C.P. 44500; all authority to handle them; unless you express any opposition in accordance with the procedure mentioned further down.

Personal data turned available by you to FDM through email, fax, forms fulfillment, telephone calls or any other mean, could be used for the purposes of:

  1. Contract obligations
    • Identification, verification and contact of students and/or tutors.
    • Surveys and statistics reporting.
    • Scholarships awarding.
    • Education, cultural, sporting and recreation services rendering.
    • Provide social security benefits to FDM´s students.
    • Managing and updating students and/or tutors files.
  2. Other purposes
    • Social network and FDM site promotions
    • Inform to visitors about activities on the campus

FDM has adopted technical, physical and reasonable security measures to assure that your personal information is safe, as well as restricted and limited only to the staff because of their duties, must have access to it; consequently, we inform to you the following:

  1. That this Privacy Notice includes and applies to all and any of your personal data that we may have access to, among other things: name, nationality, birthdate and birthplace, age, address, telephone number, cell phone number, email, Tax identification number, hand written signature, personal vehicle’s information, as well as personal information that may be considered sensitive, related to image video recorded or photographs, health condition, ethnical or racial origin – in conjunction considered as “the information”-, which will be used specifically for the purposes mentioned and to provide a better service to satisfy your specific needs.
  2. That “the information” will solely be treated in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice.
  3. For the practice of Access, Recognition, Cancellation, and Opposition rights (ARCO Rights) stated in the Law, as well as the revealing, limiting or reversal approval of use rights; you will be able to: (i) submit a writing request with acknowledgment receipt from FDM or (ii) through certified mail, send your request to FDM´s Compliance and Normativity Management, at the address Av. Paseo de las Moras S/N, Fracc. Náutico Turístico Nuevo Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit, México, C.P. 63735. The request should include as minimum:
    1. Stakeholder’s name.
    2. Stakeholder’s address.
    3. Documents that certified stakeholder’s personality or legal representation, as apply.
    4. Personal data description over ARCO rights exercise intended to be applied.
    5. Any other data that allow personal data locate, address and solve your request.
  4. That FDM will have 20 working days as maximum time frame counted from the reception date of the request, to let you know if it is valid. In affirmative case, FDM will have 15 working days to comply with the requested.

In accordance with the Law, FDM within Mexico’s soil only, will be able to make available “the information” to its affiliated companies, government authorities, bank institution or subcontracted third parties for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

This Privacy Notice could be modifed without previous notice in order to comply with the changes in the current legislation, FDM´s internal policies and/or any other cause that FDM may consider necessary. You will be able to access to any modification through this mean.