Play ball!

Sports Week was a very special opportunity for our students to enjoy various recreational activities, develop new skills, and share unforgettable moments alongside their classmates and teachers.

From October 15th – 19th, our students participated in recreational activities and games in celebration of Sports Week. It was a wonderful way for students to develop their physical abilities, feel a sense of accomplishment, and have tons of fun. It was also a great way for the kids to get some exercise, which is especially important for growing children. The Foundation strives to create a culture of good health, and Sports Week was one way of accomplishing this.

Each day of this joyous week featured a different sports rally competition, where the kids could prove their dexterity, speed, and aim. Newcomb ball, sled racing, and human-sized tic-tac-toe were just a few of the offered activities. Overall, our students were greatly motivated by their achievements and shared so many happy moments together.