Congratulations to the Class of 2019

July 2019 was a bittersweet month, as 8 of our wonderful students graduated from the Foundation.

With a lump in our throats and love in our hearts, we said goodbye to 8 of our brilliant students who finished their courses at the Foundation. They filled us with so much happiness during their time with us and showed us their ability to enjoy the little things in life. The Class of 2019 is truly an embodiment of perseverance, willpower, friendship, love, partnership, and empathy. They do everything with kindness and generosity. They are now stronger and more capable than ever before, ready to face any challenge with courage and a big heart.

Tearful hugs, congratulations, and joy were abundant at the graduation ceremony for our 8 graduating students: Lupita, Reyna, Yuriko, Antonio, Enrique, Dominick, Yarelsy, and Gabriel. We’re so happy and proud of them, while also very sad to see them go. We will miss them all dearly.