Congratulations to the Class of 2016

I still remember their smiling faces when they arrived in 2013. They did not yet know what the Foundation was all about; they were simply fascinated by their new surroundings, and excited about the thrill of possibility in the air.

This was our introduction to the nine children who just graduated—the nine individuals who left their mark on the Delia Morán Foundation, and who will soon leave their mark on the world.

We felt the same feelings of joy the day they left, during their graduation party. There were certainly tears: tears of happiness, tears of nostalgia, tears when old friends and cherished professors entered the room when our graduates least expected it. It was truly bittersweet.

For some in attendance, graduation day was also a surprise. Many had never dined in such a beautiful venue before, or used such nice dishes, or knew what to do with so many utensils on the table. We shared with students and parents alike that this was their time to enjoy the benefits of their success and hard work. All their effort during the past three years was consummated at that moment. Every step, every story, every new friend, and all the skills and values they learned had brought them only a few steps away from starting a new chapter. Their lives will take many different paths, but they will never forget what they have learned here.

After the ceremony, wearing colorful robes and smiles filled with emotion, they threw their hats in the air to celebrate their success and boundless potential. This moment was captured in a photo that will remain in the history of the Delia Morán Foundation for years to come. Those nine children now bear the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the big world outside our doors. They have the opportunity to share, to grow, and to build a happier future for themselves and those they love. We can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish next.